We believe that when many teams come together in collaboration, the Netflix Grand Prize will be achievable. The goal of Grand Prize Team is to win the Grand Prize by blending the results of its members. Grand Prize Team is open to any Netflix Prize competitors. Your share from the one million dollar prize will be proportional to the improvement you give to the team.

Here are the date and md5sum of blending methods we received so far.

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Our 0.8571 result was achieved with the help of Dace.

Current list of Grand Prize Team members (who permitted their names to be disclosed)
and Dinosaur Planet*
ExpensiveLunch (Joe Sill)22
Ces (Ces Bertino)21
blednotik (Dan Nabutovsky)6
wrnf2008 (William Roberts)2
GreenCircle (Willem Mestrom)1
(wants to remain anonym)14

*: the founders of Grand Prize Team

Contact: grandprizeteam at gmail dot com

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The actual score of the team is:
Planned time of next submission:
2011.10.07 at 09:30 UTC
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